Finger spacer redesign

I have heard just positives about KSL brass finger tab, so I really wanted to try one, as I was expecting a lot from it. I have to say, it is a brilliant design of a tab, but for me it had a design flaw in the finger spacer. I thought its just me, but as two other archers in my club bought it on my recomendation, they had same problems with it. The standard brass spacer is large, which is useful. The disadvantages for me are, that it holds the rubber band, which serves for fingers onyl by pressure between the spacer and the leather backing – in a place where the fixing screw is located. Also, the supplied finger space has edges which can injure index finger (it is because the finger is pushed against this edge by a string of the bow), also the space is not comfortable for space between fingers, the skin of the hand is soft there, and is abraded by usage. Last but not least, sometimes in a competition, when you may hold and/or release the string badly, the spacer interferes with the arrow.

So my design gets to correct or at least lessen the possibility of these flaws to happen, while just lessening the adjustability of the spacer position and loosing weight. It is 3D printed PLA and uses and M4 screw and a nut for fixing it to the tab. Also the hole in the spacer serves for the rubber band to go through. If you would like a 3D model to print one yourself, let me know. I consider this article as a start for a research about the finger spacer design.

Have a nice day

Finger spacer fixed to the KSL brass tab